While it is impossible to spot the fakes 100% of the time, it's safe to say that the age-old adage always rings true - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Why risk buying a forgery to save a few pounds? The genuine article is always worth its weight in gold. Soccer players all wear a cheap soccer jersey when out on the field. This is what helps you identify what team each player is on and with a number on their backs, you can also identify each player during the match. It is important when it comes to soccer jersey from the jerseys and shorts to the soccer socks, that they are made of the finest quality, being durable enough to withstand the beating they will get out on the field.

The first thing you will notice when it comes to any soccer kit, is that each player wears the cheap soccer jerseys what are known as scrum shorts. These shorts are above the knee without any pockets. They are very durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. Remember when out on the field, a player will have his or her shorts pulled on and tugged during the game. These scrum shorts are relatively tight fitting and are made from high quality material to reduce the risk of rips and tears during the game.

Executive of an effective games memorabilia business included: "We constantly welcome inquiries from our clients. We know precisely where and when each one of our things was marked - this may not appear to be abnormal, but rather I am aware of associations where staff individuals present as fans at preparing grounds to gather marked merchandise without the player, or his picked philanthropy, profiting from the returns.